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Dr. Andrew Owyoung and his team do their best to provide you with the best care possible. To improve your experience, we recommend preparing for your appointment with Soft Touch Dentistry. Complete a patient form today and help our dentist and team provide you with excellent dental care in Sacramento, California. If you have any questions, contact our office at 916-424-1703.

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Please check if the patient has, or ever had, any of the following habits?
I understand the information given is correct and will be held in the strictest confidence. I also understand that it is my responsibility to inform this office of any changes in the patient's medical status.
I hereby authorize this office to perform an oral evaluation and consent to the taking of x-rays, photographs and other records (if necessary) to determine appropriate orthodontic treatment on the above-named patient.
I also authorize this office to leave messages about appointments on my voice mail or answering machine, and agree to receive e-mail reminders and text messages about appointments.
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