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Dental Emergencies Sacramento
Dental Emergency

What Is A Dental Emergency?

In any case, dental emergencies require immediate care by an expert. Waiting out in hopes of the pain dissipating or planning to visit the dental practice in the morning isn’t always a good idea…

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Why Should I Care About Dental Plaque
Dental Plaque

Why Should I Care about Dental Plaque?

Scientists call this community a ‘biofilm,’ but you probably know it as dental plaque. While it may not appear as the typical microscope pictures of bacteria that we find in science textbooks, the plaque layer on your teeth is, in fact, bacteria rapidly growing…

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Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?
Wisdom Teeth

Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

These teeth first appear on your X-rays when you’re in your early teens, although there have been many cases of wisdom teeth erupting even in early adulthood. It starts as an uncomfortable sensation in the back of your mouth as the third set of molars push back against the gums…

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